Animated short/new tee promo

More than just a new T-shirt

Something strange is going down in the mountain region north of the eerie city of Ranidae Haven...

After a few years of releasing OVEMERY-designs, everything from tees, to caps, hoodies & crewnecks, I knew I wanted to create something more for my next release.


Said and done - joined by my long time friend Niner Words - we decided to unleash all of our creativity and to tell you a story.


This is the first part in a series of animated shorts - an intro if you will - with a t-shirt and a one page comic (free for everyone picking up the t-shirt) all tied together!

This has been an incredibly fun project, and in the near future, we will further explore the concept of storytelling through different mediums and dig much, much deeper…

Stay tuned for PART II